The evening showing of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” has been postponed to Monday, March 5, 2018 at 7:00 pm.


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Afterschool Afterthoughts March 2018

Important dates:

March 9- Teacher workday. Daycare offered from 8 – 4, provided by the     afterschool staff. Sign up for the morning or afternoon session or for the whole day. Two snacks are provided and a bag lunch is      required. Pre-registration is required. The cost is $15 per         session or $25 for the full day. Sorry, no discounts.

March 14- 1:10 dismissal. Gap care offered

March 15- tuition for April due


Our tax ID number 042-88-1812 is on the top of every bill.


The second play, “Alice Again?”, written by staff member Kelsey Geer, has begun rehearsals and its performance date is scheduled for April 6th at 7 P.M. Matinee to be determined. This play features afterschool students from grades 3 – 6. We hope to see you there!


Each week we have a featured toy for the kids to use. This item may come out or storage or straight from the shelves. Recently we have suggested the following: Skittle Bowl, Marble Maze, a giant ball, Apples to Apples, Foosball, Mark 3, Rollercade, an inflatable basketball goal, Skillball, Feed Your Face, billiards, Othello, Skip Bo, Gobblet, Skippity, volleyball, Bop It, Double Shutter, an indoor swing, Yahtzee, and Knock Hockey. How many have you played?

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Afterschool Afterthoughts February 2018

Important dates:

Feb. 7: 1:10 dismissal. Gap care offered.

Feb. 15: tuition for March due

Feb. 19 – 23: school vacation, no program

March 9: Teacher workday, no program. Childcare being offered from 8       – 4 if there   is enough interest. See Lennie for details.

March 14: 1:10 dismissal. Gap care offered.


Answer to last month’s “Who Am I?” question: Georgia Malcolm, our school secretary, was the tornado survivor!


Our tax ID number 042-88-1812 is on the top of every bill.


We are the lucky recipients of some grant money from the Pelham Cultural Arts Council. It is earmarked for our play productions. We are shooting for March 2nd for the first play. It will be presented at 2 P.M. and 7 P.M. The snow date is Sat., March 3rd, for the evening show.


The second play has begun rehearsals and its performance date is to be determined.


I will be writing the state required progress reports for your children soon. If you have any specific concerns and you would like to set up a conference, please let me know.

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Afterschool Afterthoughts For January 2018

Important dates:

Jan. 14: tuition for February due

Jan. 15: M.L.K. Jr. Day, no program

Jan.22: Teacher workday, no program


I would like to introduce 2 new staff. Connor Girard is a current America Reads tutor in 6th grade, and an Amherst College senior. He is also a goalie on their hockey team.

Kevin Scanlon is a junior at UMass, majoring in Communications. We are excited about both of them joining our team!

Many of you have outstanding bills. Please pay your balance as soon as possible. I will be giving out hard copies of the bills in January to those families who have chosen to only receive email reminders regarding their bills. This bill can be used as a receipt for your taxes. The tax ID number is on the top of every bill.

If it’s January, it’s drama time! Our first play, geared towards the younger students, is loosely based on the children’s book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” by Laura Joffe Numeroff. The second play, for the older students, is in the process of being written and it will have characters from “Alice in Wonderland”.

We have had a lot of fun with our “Who Am I?” posting. Every week I choose a new staff person that the kids need to identify by using the daily clues. The answer gets more and more obvious as the week progresses. Can anyone guess who was in a tent in Utah when a tornado swept through?

It’s cold outside! Sign your child up for Afterschool and they can have a grand time playing inside with all of their friends! Slots are still available.

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Afterschool Afterthoughts for December 2017

Thanks to all of you who supported our wreath and plant sale. We made almost $400 to add to our Scholarship Fund. For a number of our students, that’s like a holiday gift every month!


Usually I say goodbye to my college seniors in the spring, but this year we have 3 staff that will be leaving in December. Samantha Collins and Chris Marino are graduating early, and Jasmine Bell will be spending her last semester abroad. We will miss them terribly. Their leaving will leave a large hole in out program, but we wish them the best of luck.


Almost all of our afterschool students have been recognized for “doing a doggone good” act of kindness, and their bone nameplates are posted on our big poster of Snoopy doing his happy dance. I am always so grateful for the little things that the kids do for each other, or for the staff, that are so sweet. It is easy to find the kindness! Let’s hope these warm feelings continue into the New Year. Happy holidays to all and have a wonderful ringing in of 2018! Fondly, Lennie


Ashley,  Bridgette,  Chris,  Geri,  Jacqui,  Jasmine,

Jordan, Kelsey G.,  Kelsey N.,  Rachel,  and Sam.


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Afterschool Afterthoughts For November 2017

Important dates:

Nov. 10: Holiday closure, no program

Nov. 3: WREATH ORDERS DUE /money due by Nov.10 (Order form under “forms”; orders may also be sent to

Nov.15: Tuition for November due

Nov. 22, 23 & 24 – Holiday closure, no program



We had wonderful weather for our version of the A.B.C. Walk. The students had a great time and enjoyed their reward trinkets. They did all the work, so now all that is left is to collect the money for the Amherst non-profit agency!

I set a goal of $400, and we have collected $305 from 16 students. Wait, you say, didn’t more than 16 kids walk? You are right! We had 67 students walk (or run) a total of 1,760 laps. That equals 352 miles! My goal of $400 is only about $1 per mile.

Can I get a contribution, even a small one, so we can show that the Pelham School community cares about other students as well as our own? Donations will be accepted for the next 2 weeks. You may send checks, made out to ABC House, or cash in an envelope to the school, attention Lennie. Thanks!

Max Frazier, from first grade, was our top walker! He went around the playground 71 times! That’s over 14 miles. Congratulations Max!

Other top walkers: 1st grade: Carl Larsen (62), 2nd: Gabriel Doire & Elsie Woodruff (63 each), 3rd: Harper Modesto & Caden Jones (45 each), 4th: Aryanna Levin Godfrey & Craig Hrones (63 each), 5th: Sage Zephyr (41) & Sienna Zephyr (35). Owen Candito was our sole 6th grade representative. A number of guests also walked. The highest walker in that group was Alex Robb (42).

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Three popular items available:

12” frame (standard size) evergreen wreath

(want to add a big red bow?)

6” red poinsettias in festive, foil wrapped pot

6” cyclamen


RESERVE now (by Nov.3) – PAY LATER

Pick up @ the school WED.  Dec.6


INFO – 265-3766

See “Forms” for order form. Thank you!

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