Afterschool Afterthoughts For November 2017

Important dates:

Nov. 10: Holiday closure, no program

Nov. 3: WREATH ORDERS DUE /money due by Nov.10 (Order form under “forms”; orders may also be sent to

Nov.15: Tuition for November due

Nov. 22, 23 & 24 – Holiday closure, no program



We had wonderful weather for our version of the A.B.C. Walk. The students had a great time and enjoyed their reward trinkets. They did all the work, so now all that is left is to collect the money for the Amherst non-profit agency!

I set a goal of $400, and we have collected $305 from 16 students. Wait, you say, didn’t more than 16 kids walk? You are right! We had 67 students walk (or run) a total of 1,760 laps. That equals 352 miles! My goal of $400 is only about $1 per mile.

Can I get a contribution, even a small one, so we can show that the Pelham School community cares about other students as well as our own? Donations will be accepted for the next 2 weeks. You may send checks, made out to ABC House, or cash in an envelope to the school, attention Lennie. Thanks!

Max Frazier, from first grade, was our top walker! He went around the playground 71 times! That’s over 14 miles. Congratulations Max!

Other top walkers: 1st grade: Carl Larsen (62), 2nd: Gabriel Doire & Elsie Woodruff (63 each), 3rd: Harper Modesto & Caden Jones (45 each), 4th: Aryanna Levin Godfrey & Craig Hrones (63 each), 5th: Sage Zephyr (41) & Sienna Zephyr (35). Owen Candito was our sole 6th grade representative. A number of guests also walked. The highest walker in that group was Alex Robb (42).


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Three popular items available:

12” frame (standard size) evergreen wreath

(want to add a big red bow?)

6” red poinsettias in festive, foil wrapped pot

6” cyclamen


RESERVE now (by Nov.3) – PAY LATER

Pick up @ the school WED.  Dec.6


INFO – 265-3766

See “Forms” for order form. Thank you!

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Afterschool Afterthoughts October 2017


Important dates:

Oct. 9: Holiday closure, no program

Oct. 10-16: Our version of the A.B.C. Walk (see notice)

Oct.15: Tuition for November due

Oct. 18: Early dismissal at 1:20 P.M., Gap Care provided

Oct. 19 and 20: Early dismissal at 12:00 P.M., Gap Care provided

Nov. 3: WREATH ORDERS DUE /money due by Nov.10 (see notice)


Last year we had 18 students graduate from the program, and although some have returned as volunteers (Bea Gould, JJ Case, Max Rogowski, Taylor Hanson, Nate Hawkins & Skylar Thompson), we still have plenty of room in Afterschool. If your child is interested in joining us, we have open enrollment all year. Come check us out!


If you opted for email reminders for tuition, please make sure that I have the right email address. Send it to me at ( with the subject heading “TUITION BILL ADDRESS”.


Jordan Martin, an America Reads student working in the preschool, comes to our After School as a helper on Thursday afternoons. Welcome!


Please be aware that if students bring in personal items from home (especially cards) to use at the program, that they should not be trading them. Also, we do not allow any type of nut to be brought onto school grounds, even for outside use.

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Afterschool Afterthoughts For September 2017

September dates:

Aug. 30 – first day of program (kindergarteners start on their 1st full school day)

Sept. 4 – holiday closure, no program

Sept 15 – tuition for October due

Sept. 20 – early dismissal at 1:20 P.M., Gap Care provided


NEW this year:

Save paper – avoid late fees! Starting in October, you can opt for an email alert that will remind you that your bill is due. Then simply pay your regular amount and you are all set. At any time you can check your balance by emailing me or by requesting a hard copy of your bill. Simply email me ( with the subject heading “TUITION BILL ADDRESS” so I have the proper email for sending the alert.


Is your child not attending afterschool on one of their regular days? All you need to do is contact me (by email, text, or a note to the school), and your child will be sent to the gym for parent pick-up.

If no notification is given, PLEASE come to the cafeteria for dismissal purposes.  We can’t start the program until all students are accounted for and, with about 50 kids a day, it slows us down if any student leaves without a plan.


We are happy to welcome Geri Eilert to our team of counselors. She is a freshman at UMass and will be working 2 days a week.


“OLD” this year:

Your kids can plan on keeping safe and having fun with Ashley, Chris, Jacqui, Jasmine, Kelsey G., Kelsey N., Rachel, and Sam! And, of course, the real “old-timer” – Lennie!

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Afterschool Afterthoughts June 2017

June Dates

June 1: 2017 – 2018 registration for afterschool begins

June 5 – 9: our annual lemonade stand will be open for business. Send in those quarters and visit regularly!

June 10: Any outstanding tuition is due. Any extra days in June should be                        paid in cash on the day of use.

June 16: 6th graders are invited to attend our Memory Page Making Party. All           graduating students are welcome to attend at no charge. Bring photos    and good music to listen to.

June 21: last FULL day of school & last day of AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM


May Highlights:

  • The 6th graders got to choose the snack for the day. They also tie dyed tee shirts and made a gift for one of their classroom staff.
  • Made up and video taped some cheers for the retiring school staff, Meg Gallagher & Virginia Servos.
  • Had the licensing department (MA D.E.E.C.) visit for their bi-annual inspection and observation. I am happy to say that we passed!
  • Some fun art projects included: decorated pots for the library plant sale, face painting & tattoos, a dinosaur windchime, gimp art, used soda bottles as paint brushes, the library bulletin board, decorated zippered cloth pencil cases as well as hot potholders, made wooden fish stands, created our own rubber band balls, hung our annual ceiling sun to brighten up the cafeteria, and used the classic paint spinner toy.



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After School’s Annual Wheel-a-thon to support The Food Bank starts Tuesday, May 30th and ends Monday, June 5th. ALL students are invited to ride, skate, and rattle and roll their way around the parking lot to help the Food Bank.

We will be collecting cash donations or unexpired, nonperishable food items a week before until a week after the event. There will be a box in the cafeteria – or you can give cash directly to Lennie.

Bring your bike, scooter, skates, anything with wheels, and join the fun. All riders will be supervised. Don’t forget your helmet!


If your child is in Afterschool, they will get a toy from the prize box for their birthday. Not their birthday? That means they earned it! For the first few months, one child each day is chosen for being a good listener at Meeting Time.

Also, once a week, a child is randomly chosen from our “Coins for Kindness” board. A child’s name goes on this display as recognition of them being compassionate or thoughtful.

Lastly, every time a child completes 8 challenges, they may select a prize (or a special snack or special privilege). There are about 40 challenges from which to choose.

That’s a lot of prizes! (BTW – I am always happy to accept donations of small toys for the prize box!)

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Afterschool Afterthoughts for May 2017

May Dates:

May 10: Tuition for June is due. (This should be your last bill for the year!)
May 10: Early dismissal. Gap care is available starting at 1:20.
May 22 – 26: Annual Wheel-A-Thon fundraiser
May 29: Memorial Day, no program

April Highlights:

  • The students made their traditional Kitty Litter cake for the spring fair.
  • We had a group of Questbridge Scholars, from Amherst College, come in for a literacy project.
  • On April 7th, the Pelham Afterschool presented their second play of the year, entitled “Night at the Library”, written by Lennie Ware with assistance from Indigo, Skylar, JJ, & Bevin. The cast included narrators Taylor Hanson & Kaya Walker, a janitor Aidan Dresser, and a dancing bookmark Zoey Candito. Book characters were Aryanna Levine-Godfrey as Cleopatra, Mia Allees-Berge as Lucy van Pelt, Ari Hall as Sally Brown, Claire Lloyd as Fern, Toby York as Harold, Skylar Thompson as Hermione, Marit Gubrium as Ginny, Simen Chamoun as Scarecrow, Craig Hrones as Tin Man, Rowan Modesto as the Wizard of Oz, Holden Castenson as Sylvester, Charlie May as Gollum, Taylor Hanson as the Hobbit, Ella Hayes as Alice, Cristina Hayes-Mendez as Pippi Longstocking, Sienna Zephyr as Annika, Ella Spokas as Tammy, Aliyah Kenney as Max, Ari Hall as a Wild Thing, Indigo Halasz and Sage Zephyr as the twins from the Land of Stories, Finn Jansen from Green Eggs & Ham, Maya Coggeshall-Burr as Wendy, Caetlin Lawler as Moka, Maeve Lawler as Michelle, Bevin Montgomery-Gehrt as Prim, & Jaeden Case as Katnis. The scenery was designed by TT Coggeshall-Burr. Thanks to all of the staff and students that helped in so many ways, and of course thanks to the parents and all of the audience! We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did!

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