After School After Thoughts June 2018

Important dates:

  • June 8th:  all outstanding bills are due.
  • June 11 -15: Our Lemonade Stand will be open. Please drop by and make a purchase! All items are 50 ¢ and proceeds go towards a different group each day.
  • June 20th : LAST DAY OF PROGRAM  Have a great summer!

Important notes:

  • Childcare reservations for August 29, 30, & 31 from 3:10 – 5:30 P.M. (for current students only) are now being accepted. *
  • Sign-ups for Afterschool slots for Sept. through June are now accepted.*


  • Don’t forget to collect any medications or change of clothes stored at the program before the end of the school year.


The Wheel-a-Thon was a lot of fun and we had great weather. If your child participated, we would appreciate a donation of cash or food for the Survival Center by June 8th.

Changes to our Afterschool Staff:

We are saying goodbye to our spring substitute Morgan Reid. We really enjoyed having him and wish him good luck!  We also will greatly miss Rachel Purinton and Jacqui Dacey. As UMass graduates, they will be moving on but we know they both have bright futures ahead of them!

I have hired one new staff for next fall, Steph Stearns. I think she will be a great addition to our staff. Also, I want to congratulate Ashley Fuller on her promotion as our first Site Supervisor (see additional letter).


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After School After Thoughts May 2018

Important dates:

May 9– early release, gap care provided

May 9 –space reservations for August 29, 30, 31 (for current students   only) can now be submitted

May 10th – Tuition for June is due. This bill will reflect any unused gap care credits. If you are unsure of your balance, ask Lennie.

May 21 – 25 : Wheel-a-Thon – bring your bike, skateboard, anything with wheels, and ride around our course to support the Survival Center. Everyone is invited – no need to be in afterschool. Just bring a food or money donation to join in the fun. Helmets are strongly encouraged.


May is Graduation Month for our Afterschool Staff!

The following staff are graduating this month: Kelsey Niziolek, Kelsey Geer, Rachel Purinton, and Jacqui Dacey from UMass and Connor Girard from Amherst College. Way to go!


Last month’s answer:

Can you guess, from the afterschool staff, whose first language was American Sign Language and still uses it regularly?

Answer: Kelsey Geer


Upcoming Events in June – dates TBD

Litter box cake for the fair’s cakewalk. Who will win this interesting cake?


Lemonade Stand – save those quarters. We love paying customers!


Memory Page Party for the 6th graders. Start collecting those photos!

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August 2018 Start Letter

April 26, 2018

Dear Afterschool parents and guardians,                            

It may seem like the next school year is quite awhile away, yet we are already planning for it. Once again the first few days of school will be at the end of August, before Labor Day. For years I have struggled to get staff for these August days, as many of the UMass staff are not back yet.

I asked the Board if we could start the program in September, after the holiday, but they felt that the service was too necessary for many of the parents. I was able to come up with a plan that I hope will work.

We will have a childcare option for students from grades 1 – 6 for August 29, 30 and 31 (from the end of school until 5:30) on a first sign-up / first served basis. I may or may not be there. It will be run by some of the current staff that have committed to come back early. However, space may be limited depending on the number of staff that can work. This number will not be known until early summer.

There will be no cost (we never charge for the August days) but a family will have to have made their full payment (or estimated payment) for September to be eligible. Once your request is made, you will be placed on the list.  I will start taking requests for the August days on May 9.

Please see the link below for the “Request for August Care” form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lennie Ware


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Afterschool Afterthoughts April 2018

Important dates:

April 6: Afterschool Play at 2:00 (free) and 7 PM ($2/person, $5/family)

April 16 – 20: School vacation, no program

April 15: tuition due

Check out this offer!

 Spring Special!

Want to see if your child enjoys afterschool? Try a free day (new customers only) during the week of April 23 – 27. Contact Lennie for details at 413 265 3766 or

Other news…

Parent / guardian alert

It’s time to check out the lost and found rack! There are many items that need to be reunited with their owners. Grab those lost hats, mittens, coats, snow pants and boots so they can be put away until next year! We also have many fall and spring items to check out.

New staffing at the Afterschool Program

We would like to welcome Pelham alum, Bekah Wilson, who comes in three times a week, and our new substitute, Morgan Reid. We are very happy to have them both join the team. We also now have the help of Hannah Sullivan, who has been working in preschool in the mornings.

From our “Who Am I? “ posting:

Can you guess, from the afterschool staff, whose first language was American Sign Language and still uses it regularly?

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Amazon donates to Pelham Afterschool

Do you know about AmazonSmile?

From their website:

“AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice.”


If you’ve never used AmazonSmile before, this is your chance! Between the dates of March 12-31, Amazon will triple the donation percentage to 1.5% of your purchase price to Pelham Afterschool for first time AmazonSmile users.

Go to: to set Pelham Afterschool as your donation location.


And, if you’ve already used AmazonSmile before, keep using it so Amazon will continue to donate 0.5% of your purchase price to Pelham Afterschool.

Thank you for your support!

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The evening showing of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” has been postponed to Monday, March 5, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

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Afterschool Afterthoughts March 2018

Important dates:

March 9- Teacher workday. Daycare offered from 8 – 4, provided by the     afterschool staff. Sign up for the morning or afternoon session or for the whole day. Two snacks are provided and a bag lunch is      required. Pre-registration is required. The cost is $15 per         session or $25 for the full day. Sorry, no discounts.

March 14- 1:10 dismissal. Gap care offered

March 15- tuition for April due


Our tax ID number 042-88-1812 is on the top of every bill.


The second play, “Alice Again?”, written by staff member Kelsey Geer, has begun rehearsals and its performance date is scheduled for April 6th at 7 P.M. Matinee to be determined. This play features afterschool students from grades 3 – 6. We hope to see you there!


Each week we have a featured toy for the kids to use. This item may come out or storage or straight from the shelves. Recently we have suggested the following: Skittle Bowl, Marble Maze, a giant ball, Apples to Apples, Foosball, Mark 3, Rollercade, an inflatable basketball goal, Skillball, Feed Your Face, billiards, Othello, Skip Bo, Gobblet, Skippity, volleyball, Bop It, Double Shutter, an indoor swing, Yahtzee, and Knock Hockey. How many have you played?

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