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Wreath Sale



Three popular items available:

12” frame (standard size) evergreen wreath

(want to add a big red bow?)

6” red poinsettias in festive, foil wrapped pot

6” cyclamen

 RESERVE now (by Oct. 24)– PAY LATER*


        Pick up @ the school WED. Nov.28

INFO – 265-3766



Name:  ________________________    Phone: ____________


Email : ______________________________________________


_____ Poinsettias @ $10 each

_____ Wreaths @ $12 each

_____ Red bows @  $5 each

_____ Cyclamen @ $10 each


_____ TOTAL

*checks: Pelham After School, by Nov.16


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October 2018 After School After Thoughts

 October/November dates:

Oct.15 – tuition for November due

Oct. 17– early dismissal at 1:20 P.M., Gap Care provided

Oct. 18 & 19– early dismissal at NOON, Gap Care provided

Oct 15 thru 19 – Afterschool walks for the ABC house (all are welcome)

Oct. 20 – A.B.C. Walk in Amherst

Nov. 6 – Curriculum Day, no school

Nov. 12 – Veteran’s Day, no school

Nov. 15 – December bills are due

Nov. 21 through 23 – Thanksgiving break, no school



Help support Amherst’s A Better Chance that provides a boarding home and educational opportunities for deserving kids from underserving schools.

Afterschool will soon be walking during program hours in our version of the walk. Kids earn prizes as they raise money. Anyone may join us! Please consider walking and/or making a contribution.

In addition, you should consider walking in the official Amherst ABC Walk. Lennie will personally contribute $10 towards that entry fee for the first 10 students.

The walk is fun and provides great exercise! Afterwards there is a party with food and entertainment at the town common. For more info go to:


CURRICULUM DAY CHILD CARE – first come, first serve!

A few staff will be available for childcare from 8 AM to 4 PM on Nov. 6th.

Space is very limited, and we cannot take anyone younger than 4.

Priority is given to current afterschool members .

Contact Lennie for rates and more info.

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October dates:

Oct. 8– holiday closure, no program

Oct.15 – tuition for November due

Oct. 17– early dismissal at 1:20 P.M., Gap Care provided

Oct. 18 & 19– early dismissal at NOON, Gap Care provided

Oct. 20 – A.B.C. Walk in Amherst


You can opt for an email alert that your bill is due. Then simply pay your regular amount and you are all set. At any time you can check your balance by emailing me or by requesting a hard copy of your bill. Simply email me ( with the subject heading “TUITION BILL ADDRESS” so I have the proper email for sending the alert.


 Extra clothes needed! We have a lot of kindergartners this year (10 to be exact) and sometimes there are accidents. Please send in a change of clothes for your little one, in a labeled plastic bag, that can be kept in afterschool. Many thanks!


We are happy to welcome Steph Stearns from UMass as our newest group leader. We also have some new UMass America Reads tutors: David Matos-Magrass, Colin McCarthy, Djihane Abdelkebir, and Maria Calabro. We are lucky to have some new C.I.T.s as well : Vlad Kenney, Owen Candito, TT Coggeshall-Burr & Kaya Walker.


Please remember to sign out your child when they are picked up. Not only is it a state licensing standard, it is also a good safety rule. If you have someone else picking up your child(ren), they should be reminded of the procedure.

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August 2018 Welcome Letter

Hello! We are very excited about the new school year and we are looking forward to seeing everyone. While you are still enjoying this last month of summer, please take  time to fill out both sides of these forms, and send in along with your estimated payment for September, which is due on August 15th. (I will make any adjustments for slot changes, vouchers, and/or scholarships on your next bill.) As in the past, October’s payment will be due by Sept. 15, and each month’s payment will be due in advance.

Important dates:

  • August 15 – payment for September is due
  • August 29 – first day of school
  • 4 – first day of After School program

 Important notes:

  • There are still a limited amount of spaces for childcare, run by our new site supervisor Ashley Fuller, for August 29, 30, and 31. The childcare will take place in the afterschool space and go until 5:30 P.M. To sign up for these days, you must contact me to check on availability. I also ask that PRIOR to the childcare, your payment for September is paid and your paperwork is handed in. (Unfortunately, students new to the program cannot attend until Sept. 4th)


  • PLEASE send in a change of clothes (no shorts or sundresses) in a labeled bag for any kindergartner. These clothes are in addition to any for the classroom teacher.


  • Need tuition assistance? We participate in the state voucher system and have scholarships for qualifying families (as set by the federal lunch program criteria). In addition, we can offer assistance for special hardship cases. Ask for forms.


  • “After Thoughts”, our monthly newsletter, will be posted on our bulletin board, our website, and included in the school’s Pelham Press. Copies may also be picked up at the program.


  • Feel free to contact me with any questions: call or text (413) 265-3766, email or visit


Mail checks payable to “Pelham After School” by Aug. 15, 2018 & mail to:

Lennie Ware

11 Boyden Rd.

Pelham, MA 01002


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August Start Letter

august start letter

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’18 handbook

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Change in Staffing 2018-2019

Dear Families,                                                                                           May 24, 2018

I want to let all of you know about a change in staffing for next year.  Recently I have been thinking about my personal and professional life, and the likelihood that I will retire within the next few years. With these thoughts in mind, plus the fact that my husband is now retired and wants more flexibility in my schedule, I have decided that beginning next fall, I will gradually cut back on my hours and responsibilities at Afterschool.

For this change to happen, without adversely affecting the program, I am adding a middle management position, a Site Supervisor. In addition to performing the job of a Group Leader, the Site Supervisor will have more responsibilities. The most obvious difference will be that the Site Supervisor will be in charge of the program in my absence, and can address any concerns or issues that may arise.

I am thrilled to announce that Ashley Fuller has accepted the position of Site Supervisor, starting July 1st. I am sure that all of the returning families will give her their full support.

Lennie Ware

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