After School After Thoughts June 2018

Important dates:

  • June 8th:  all outstanding bills are due.
  • June 11 -15: Our Lemonade Stand will be open. Please drop by and make a purchase! All items are 50 ¢ and proceeds go towards a different group each day.
  • June 20th : LAST DAY OF PROGRAM  Have a great summer!

Important notes:

  • Childcare reservations for August 29, 30, & 31 from 3:10 – 5:30 P.M. (for current students only) are now being accepted. *
  • Sign-ups for Afterschool slots for Sept. through June are now accepted.*


  • Don’t forget to collect any medications or change of clothes stored at the program before the end of the school year.


The Wheel-a-Thon was a lot of fun and we had great weather. If your child participated, we would appreciate a donation of cash or food for the Survival Center by June 8th.

Changes to our Afterschool Staff:

We are saying goodbye to our spring substitute Morgan Reid. We really enjoyed having him and wish him good luck!  We also will greatly miss Rachel Purinton and Jacqui Dacey. As UMass graduates, they will be moving on but we know they both have bright futures ahead of them!

I have hired one new staff for next fall, Steph Stearns. I think she will be a great addition to our staff. Also, I want to congratulate Ashley Fuller on her promotion as our first Site Supervisor (see additional letter).


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