Afterschool Afterthoughts for December 2017

Thanks to all of you who supported our wreath and plant sale. We made almost $400 to add to our Scholarship Fund. For a number of our students, that’s like a holiday gift every month!


Usually I say goodbye to my college seniors in the spring, but this year we have 3 staff that will be leaving in December. Samantha Collins and Chris Marino are graduating early, and Jasmine Bell will be spending her last semester abroad. We will miss them terribly. Their leaving will leave a large hole in out program, but we wish them the best of luck.


Almost all of our afterschool students have been recognized for “doing a doggone good” act of kindness, and their bone nameplates are posted on our big poster of Snoopy doing his happy dance. I am always so grateful for the little things that the kids do for each other, or for the staff, that are so sweet. It is easy to find the kindness! Let’s hope these warm feelings continue into the New Year. Happy holidays to all and have a wonderful ringing in of 2018! Fondly, Lennie


Ashley,  Bridgette,  Chris,  Geri,  Jacqui,  Jasmine,

Jordan, Kelsey G.,  Kelsey N.,  Rachel,  and Sam.



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