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Afterschool Afterthoughts For November 2017

Important dates:

Nov. 10: Holiday closure, no program

Nov. 3: WREATH ORDERS DUE /money due by Nov.10 (Order form under “forms”; orders may also be sent to

Nov.15: Tuition for November due

Nov. 22, 23 & 24 – Holiday closure, no program



We had wonderful weather for our version of the A.B.C. Walk. The students had a great time and enjoyed their reward trinkets. They did all the work, so now all that is left is to collect the money for the Amherst non-profit agency!

I set a goal of $400, and we have collected $305 from 16 students. Wait, you say, didn’t more than 16 kids walk? You are right! We had 67 students walk (or run) a total of 1,760 laps. That equals 352 miles! My goal of $400 is only about $1 per mile.

Can I get a contribution, even a small one, so we can show that the Pelham School community cares about other students as well as our own? Donations will be accepted for the next 2 weeks. You may send checks, made out to ABC House, or cash in an envelope to the school, attention Lennie. Thanks!

Max Frazier, from first grade, was our top walker! He went around the playground 71 times! That’s over 14 miles. Congratulations Max!

Other top walkers: 1st grade: Carl Larsen (62), 2nd: Gabriel Doire & Elsie Woodruff (63 each), 3rd: Harper Modesto & Caden Jones (45 each), 4th: Aryanna Levin Godfrey & Craig Hrones (63 each), 5th: Sage Zephyr (41) & Sienna Zephyr (35). Owen Candito was our sole 6th grade representative. A number of guests also walked. The highest walker in that group was Alex Robb (42).


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Three popular items available:

12” frame (standard size) evergreen wreath

(want to add a big red bow?)

6” red poinsettias in festive, foil wrapped pot

6” cyclamen


RESERVE now (by Nov.3) – PAY LATER

Pick up @ the school WED.  Dec.6


INFO – 265-3766

See “Forms” for order form. Thank you!

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Afterschool Afterthoughts October 2017


Important dates:

Oct. 9: Holiday closure, no program

Oct. 10-16: Our version of the A.B.C. Walk (see notice)

Oct.15: Tuition for November due

Oct. 18: Early dismissal at 1:20 P.M., Gap Care provided

Oct. 19 and 20: Early dismissal at 12:00 P.M., Gap Care provided

Nov. 3: WREATH ORDERS DUE /money due by Nov.10 (see notice)


Last year we had 18 students graduate from the program, and although some have returned as volunteers (Bea Gould, JJ Case, Max Rogowski, Taylor Hanson, Nate Hawkins & Skylar Thompson), we still have plenty of room in Afterschool. If your child is interested in joining us, we have open enrollment all year. Come check us out!


If you opted for email reminders for tuition, please make sure that I have the right email address. Send it to me at ( with the subject heading “TUITION BILL ADDRESS”.


Jordan Martin, an America Reads student working in the preschool, comes to our After School as a helper on Thursday afternoons. Welcome!


Please be aware that if students bring in personal items from home (especially cards) to use at the program, that they should not be trading them. Also, we do not allow any type of nut to be brought onto school grounds, even for outside use.

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