Afterschool Afterthoughts For September 2017

September dates:

Aug. 30 – first day of program (kindergarteners start on their 1st full school day)

Sept. 4 – holiday closure, no program

Sept 15 – tuition for October due

Sept. 20 – early dismissal at 1:20 P.M., Gap Care provided


NEW this year:

Save paper – avoid late fees! Starting in October, you can opt for an email alert that will remind you that your bill is due. Then simply pay your regular amount and you are all set. At any time you can check your balance by emailing me or by requesting a hard copy of your bill. Simply email me ( with the subject heading “TUITION BILL ADDRESS” so I have the proper email for sending the alert.


Is your child not attending afterschool on one of their regular days? All you need to do is contact me (by email, text, or a note to the school), and your child will be sent to the gym for parent pick-up.

If no notification is given, PLEASE come to the cafeteria for dismissal purposes.  We can’t start the program until all students are accounted for and, with about 50 kids a day, it slows us down if any student leaves without a plan.


We are happy to welcome Geri Eilert to our team of counselors. She is a freshman at UMass and will be working 2 days a week.


“OLD” this year:

Your kids can plan on keeping safe and having fun with Ashley, Chris, Jacqui, Jasmine, Kelsey G., Kelsey N., Rachel, and Sam! And, of course, the real “old-timer” – Lennie!


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